Eberhart Decoys was founded in 2002 and is owned by Scott Eberhart. We hunt mostly in the Sacramento Valley and the Klamath Basin in California, and have hunted over these decoys for the last seven years with great success.

Our decoys are designed for adding "Confidence" to your spread. Whether it be Pintails or Mallards, our full-bodied confidence decoys will attract ALL species of ducks, and will give those wary ducks something thay haven't seen yet, resting land decoys. When the ducks see a group of resting Pintails or Mallards, they'll think the coast is clear, by then it's too late!!!

Pintails naturally loaf together by the hundreds, and you can see their white chests for miles. They are equally as good at hiding you when you place them around your blind, as anything to take the focus off the hunter will help your success.

How many times have you looked out in the "Closed Zone" of a refuge and seen large groups of ducks resting on islands or at the waters edge?

It is easy to see why the ducks are attracted to them.

We are avid duck hunters with decades of hunting experience, and we have created a decoy that is extremely high quality as well as sold at a fair price, which is what most hunters expect. Our decoys are now made in the USA. There are no decoys like these on the market today.

Try some Eberhart Decoys, "The Ultimate Confidence Decoys". You'll love the new addition to your spread, and you will also love the results!!!